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Bmw f30 led headlight coding

Remember Me? F30 pre lci halogen to lci full led headlight retrofit. First let me just say I kno there is a lot of info on the board about this and I have been studying and reading for months now but I'm still confused on a few things I'm hoping someone could help me out since now I'm about to build my own wire harness n install.

My f30 has halogen headlights and build date isI have this PDF but says is only for f30s built from and on. I have been looking on ista and newtis but can't find diffinitive answers also on newtis I can't find the pinouts n wiring diagram for halogen, only xenon and led.

My headlights are non adaptive btw and this is the instructions I was gonna follow if someone could again please tell me what would b different from an f30 built instead of like the PDF says. Thank you!!!

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Appreciate 0. Gonna post this in the headlight modification forum too, if that's not allowed or can b linked I apologize I wasn't sure which one this should go into since this is a diy too.

bmw f30 led headlight coding

Thank you. Brigadier General. Honest to goodness Definitely been trying to figure out the smartest lighting upgrade for a few months now I haven't made the install yet but I kno there are other threads here where ppl went the aftermarket route.

I much rather have oem when possible. I still need help on the fem wiring different from pre lci f30 to lci's. Newtis doesn't show lci f30s. Second Lieutenant. Originally Posted by Jhnblckwood. That's f34, I'm talking about f30 lci. Maybe I am missing something. When u pick the chassis on say realoem u can pick between f30 and f30 lci so obviously there's a difference in parts and trying to find if there's a difference in the fem wiring. If anyone needs help with similar retro let me know.

Could even make u a wire harness if needed. Things retrofitted everything oem: alarm with fzd with sensors6wa, nbt, touch controller n touch ecu, LCI LED Headlights, auto dim rearview mirror with garage door opener and compas and alarm led. Last edited by Jhnblckwood; at PM. Appreciate 2. Hi John, Congrats on the success, it is very cool! I assume you had to run new wires from the headlights to somewhere. Could you tell me about that, pls? Thanks, Murf. Yea I ran 3 New wires for each headlight.

Power, kcan hi n low. Then I switched two wires on the fem so I could take pin 12 on the headlight connector and moved to pin 8 or 10 I forget off hand but whatever one is the lin.

The rest of the wires was isolated n tied back. That may b confusing but any specific questions feel free to msg me.It list coding successful projects,some need to be tested or checked and ineffective or unavailable codes.

bmw f30 led headlight coding

We should thanks to Halslfer to gathered and collected this cheat sheet. For freshman,you need more knowledage about BMW coding and some tools to complete your project,so check article below to learn if you are not good at BMW coding.

BMW Coding for Rolling windows up with remote key. BMW Standard Tools 2.

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You need to convert the value from HEX to Decimal to get the true value. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information.

BMW F30 F32 Coding Guide Complete Works All Here

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bmw f30 led headlight coding

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Always Enabled. Non-necessary Non-necessary.I didnt get to upgrade my headlight to LED itself because its still expensive.

A colleague installed LED Replacement Angel Eyes bulbs on his X5 from Precision LED and it seems to work well and he was able to do it himself and he openly admits that he usually goes to the mechanic for any sort of work, but this was basically plug and play. Not really sure if that helps you or not as I do not have any pictures or first hand knowledge, just what he told me. There is this bulb from JLevistreetworks. I had intended on putting them into my car to test them but for reasons I cannot understand BMW makes replacing the low beam halogen bulbs an act of god to complete.

I tried recently to do this and could never get the bulbs back in - and I had to go to the dealer to have them reinstall my regular halogen bulb thank fully they did it for free, but apparently the service tech has a special tool to help him get the bulbs in.

I went with a high performance light bulb BMW branded but I think it's Sylvania that makes one too for H7 bulbs and it does help but still looks - well low rent.

If you want those LED bulbs I have they are new in the box I'd sell them to you as I have no desire to try to put them in again. You have to go through a wheel well cover and then remove the rear headlight access cover. It is sharp and not easy. I got the same ones as Joey and installed them a couple of weeks back.

I struggled big time because the access is a pain, so I just said F it and removed the front wheels, which would have saved me a BUNCH of time if I had started that way. There are 3 metal tabs in the light housing that you'll really need to bend in an inward fashion to keep the new LED base in place, but it doesn't hurt anything by doing so. They are a huge improvement over the crappy halogens and I can see a lot better when it's wet.

I have yet to get flashed by any other drivers so I think they are good to go. It doesn't happen when the headlights are set to on when starting up, though. Hmmm, this gives me hope.

And you're a fellow Portlander too : I don't have a jack or lug wrench but had ordered it after the last fiasco and think the package arrived today.

I might try once more to install them and remove the wheels first since I wasn't able to before. I too have a lot of difficulty seeing the road well when it rains here - which is quite a bit as of late as you know.

I have a lot of other external LED lights on my car blinkers, DRL, brake, etc so have coded as well to get the flickering taken care of and I'm sure I can code these too. I've got a 3 ton floor jack and the necessary tools to get the lugs off.

I'm in West Portland near St. Vincent Hospital. Let me know if you need a hand. Oh cool! I'm downtown but I know that area.Remember Me? Does anyone know if the new LED headlights are going to fit the pre facelift f30? Like a plug and play with coding for the beams? Or it's still uncertain? Would be interested to get them for my car. Appreciate 0. It should fit the pre-face f30, I've heard from a source trying to get it to work properly.

Can't wait to order mine when all the bugs are sorted. Attached Images.

BMW F15 x5 Programing Left head light module (SMTL)_2019-06-24 13:17:25

Appreciate 3. Operator Mo That's great news! I just can't wait, could you keep us posted on the progress? First Lieutenant. Would love to see this work, and the rears.

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Is anybody actively working on this? Am I the only one who prefers the pre facelift headlights. Would love to get hold of those LED rears though Appreciate 1. OK, head lights are still in progress but looks like the tail light is good.

Looks like a member 'tortoise' has them installed already. Originally Posted by knightsabers. Originally Posted by squidlyboy. Anyone know if a part number exists for the new headlights? Originally Posted by Daftasabrush. Gave me a heart attack. Mm, I don't know if lots of people want it, but I do for sure. So what did they tell you as far as how hard the retrofit work was gonna be?

Did they tell you as far as how hard the retrofit work was gonna be? Lieutenant Colonel. Hemi, E90, E70, E Originally Posted by jondaman.

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I think we will have to wait until they get to a sensible price point, they are still too new right now. Last edited by squidlyboy; at PM. All times are GMT Your BMW has many hidden features and options which the manufacturer did not enable which can be professionally activated using factory developer software. Using special software and a coding cablewe access the control module which holds the functioning of the module.

We then look at the many parameters available which control the function of your BMW module, then the settings will be changed and adapted to your car. BMW Coding and Programming. Description Description BMW Coding and Programming Your BMW has many hidden features and options which the manufacturer did not enable which can be professionally activated using factory developer software.

Whats is BMW Coding? Tested on non-idrive professional HU. Gives you 2 programmable timers to set when you would like the cabin fan to switch on. This is for the earlier E90 with CCC module. TV module is an option in some countries iDrive Default Screen Communication iDrive screen switches to Communication few seconds after startup.

Must have alarm installed. Hold trunk botton on FOB for 5 secs to activate. Unlock Doors Unlocks all doors when you remove key. Disable Keyhole Alarm Set the key in the door to not disarm the alarm system, only remote will disarm alarm system.

bmw f30 led headlight coding

You can then select that notice and it will tell you about the stations in the area at that point on your trip. Alarm beep on unlock Alarm beep on unlock two beeps must have alarm installed Sound alarm chirp level Alarm chirp sound. Mirrors folded with the button inside the car cannot be unfolded via the FOB. Tested only on e Disable windows safety feature Opening doors will not interrupt window roll up operation.

Normally, if you open a door while the window is automatically rolling up, it will stop the operation. This feature disables it. Double Blink Hazards in crash Hazard lights will double blink instead of single blink after a crash Double Blink Hazards when button is pressed Hazard lights will double blink instead of single blink. Front turn signals on when unlocking the car Front turn signals on when Welcome Light activated. High beams on when unlocking the car High beams turn on when Welcome Light activated.

Rear fog lights on when unlocking the car Rear fog lights on when Welcome Light activated. Rear license plate on when unlocking the car Rear license plate lights on when Welcome Light activated.For more information about coding, see here.

United Kingdom is the same sound as Europe, the duration of the alarm is eight times longer. The menu can be found in the same menu as the other locking confirmation settings in the iDrive.

You can then check if the module for the anti theft alarm system was found or not. These FRM versions started to be installed after ca. Only use this coding if the standard codings did not work. Use the codings below to customize the brake force display. Instead they complete their wiping cycle. This only works if comfort access is installed. Touch the locking area on the door handle for a longer time to close all windows and the sunroof.

This coding cannot be used to activate a retrofitted comfort access. When the comfort access is deactivated, neither closing nor opening the car via the door handle will work. Therefore the car cannot be stolen anymore by tricking the comfort access. To activate follow me home lights, activate the flash to pass, while the enginge is off. For pre-facelift models 30 kph is recommended, due to the less stable construction of the roof.

Also, this function often requires adaptive headlights to be installed. The menu can be found in the same menu as the other light settings in the iDrive. Also, cornering light often requires adaptive headlights to be installed. Might not work if an iDrive system is installed.

Press it again to lower the driver side window. Since some gearbox types especially automatic do not provide the data for the Gear Shift Indicator to the KOMBI, the Gear Shift Indicator might be inactive or permanently show no current gear, even after enabling this function. This coding only works when the DWA module is installed. The menu can be found in the same menu as the other heater settings in the iDrive. Also, changing the heating distribution often only works on 5 series with sport seats.

This has the effect that the shown speed is a bit higher than the true speed of the car.

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This warning is usually only shown in US-models. Use this function to set the duration after which the car is automatically locked. Unlocking it again unlocks the other doors, too. This function often only works in 5 series models.

If warnings for the turn signals are shown after successfully coding this, please disable the voltage monitoring for the turn signals.Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Fits great on BMW i, looks amazing. No error message. Only problem is slight radio interference. Add to cart. In Stock. They are badass though! Currently unavailable. Makes the car look brand new! Super aggressive look. See All Buying Options. You have to get spacers to make it work.

Also, no fault to this manufacturer, but the 2 underside bolts of the BMW installed headlight with safety washers tend to be cross threaded so be aware of that before you attempt this retrofit. Overall the lights are awesome, but need to disclaim that they are not an exact fit. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. No flicker no code error. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. I was skeptical but had high expectations for this product.

Out of the box, they look great. However, when installed I discovered there are no low beams. Also, if you have adaptive headlights and put these on my car throws codes for Active Headlights Malfunction. This company advertises plug and play and it's definitely not. I would have to spend a couple hundred dollars to get a shop to code out my adaptive controls. Please do yourself a favor and don't buy these. I tried contacting DNA Motoring's customer service, wait on hold for several minutes then it just hangs up.

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